Released a Website
Here's a thanksgiving present for today's #30daymapchallenge. I released a tool that I made for myself.

TLDR: It's but less features, and a lot faster.


1. It's fast ⚡ Really fast takes more than TWO MINUTES to render a 90MB GeoJSON, while takes about 10 seconds.


2. Errors are better

If you put a broken GeoJSON into, well you get a world map. You deal with it.
With, you get an error message.


But what about Mapshaper?

Yes, I know you can use Mapshaper. I love it, I use it, I don't even know how it's so fast.

But, sometimes it's good to view your JSON of top of a real map to see if it's accurate. For example, if you have river lines that were simplified, they'll look like rivers on mapshaper, but you'll realise that they're off only when you put it on top of the real river.

Enjoy, it supports GeoJSON and TopoJSON but doesn't allow you to merge files yet. Maybe I'll add that later 🙏